Anit Make-Up Lesson

All my beautiful ladies!!!!!  I wanted to share with you the exciting news about the makeup classes that so many women have been waiting for!

The Anti-Makeup Lesson - Basics Edition is finally here! My passion for teaching woman how to create a beautiful, natural makeup look they can do themselves has resulted in these classes coming to life.

The industry has drastically changed over the last few years and has resulted in a standard of beauty that is fake and heavy. I’ve come to dislike the overuse and misuse of products and needed a way back to the basics! I believe that once you have the tools and knowledge to use what’s out there, you can create the look you love - for YOUR face! This is my philosophy and I’m bringing that to you.

The woman I want to reach is you - the entrepreneur, the business woman, the mom, the 9-5er, the academic, the social butterfly. Every skintone, every face!

Join us for an intimate lesson with small classes to ensure you get the attention you need. Space is limited so sign up quickly.

See you in the makeup room!